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Committed - People

"We are in a never-ending love affair with your academic & business career."

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Olga Artman

Director of Leadership

Dr. Mark Juzczak

Director of Academic Affairs

Roy Torkelson

Chairman, Board of Advisors

Kevin Omar Williams


Leading - Products

"Our product technology is continuously being improved...sort of like you."

Product Name Description Category
Mobile App
GMAT Practice App from Crimson Oak Academy has a practice question bank of with more than 250 questions. Study in timed sessions. Measure your progress and know your strengths & weaknesses.
Pathway Program
The Entrepreneur is an immersive, synchronous 12-week intensive, Ivy League certificate, coaching and business consulting program to provide you with essential tools to accelerate the launch of your start-up and partner with you to increase your venture’s odds of success.
Leadership Program
Agile 21 is a unique program designed to heighten your ability to continuously improve and be aware of your context. This intensive, integrated five module learning agility program advocates a philosophy which enables you to be relentless in your ability to adapt and shape your current context.
Admissions Program
Ad_Council is our comprehensive package is designed to thoroughly analyze and strengthen your entire college or MBA candidacy. Stand out from your competition and increase your chances of admission to a top tier university.

Empathetic - Philosophy

"We have been where you are. We have been where you want to go. Let us guide you."

Values Description Foundation Pillars
COMMITTED We are committed to being your steadfast partner in your journey of fulfilling your potential. As evidenced by our holistic offerings, we aim to take you from an aspiring business scholar through to a successful mid-level executive. This philosophy of commitment is the adhesive factor that binds our daily duties, development of new products and engagement with you.
LEADING As individuals, we each have achieved a notable level of success yet continually strive to fulfill our greatest potential. As a company, we seek to move beyond the status quo and provide access to unparalleled innovative and experienced perspectives as well as the latest industry insights, processes, and instructional technologies.
EMPATHETIC We recognize our privileged position to influence our clients’ outlook and plans. We are keenly aware of clients’ challenges and opportunities in navigating a disruptive business education and career system. Our attitude and approach is consistent tempered by humility. Our services are robust and adaptable – strengthened by innovation.
GLOBAL We embrace a global and inclusive approach to education. Our clients’ leadership development is invariably enriched by this philosophy. In practice, this concept is represented by our multi-cultural team, the global nature of our coursework and the international locations of our clients.
ELITE Core to our client-centric philosophy is consistently delivering enhanced services, cultivating an exclusive cohort community and being measurably effective in accomplishing our clients’ goals. Our high caliber team, partnerships, and platform of services maximize our impact on the lives of our Scholars and lifelong learners.