Be coached by leaders who have excelled in prestigious schools such as Harvard Business School and at coveted firms such as McKinsey. Our team members have earned advanced degrees in cognitive studies, management, professional coaching and organizational psychology.

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ADVISORY – MBA & College and Executive Leadership
The most successful of our colleagues are often the ones who are the most humble and insatiable in their appetite for more high-quality advice. Through our research advice (coaching, mentoring and training) has proved critical in the difference between "success" and "disappointment". Our philosophy of relentlessly pursuing knowledge – each and every day - is key to our distinction and ability to uniquely serve you. Discover how your performance can be dramatically improved with structured accountability partnerships and advice.

Admissions – MBA and College

MBA or College bound? If so, then you likely already realize the premium placed on getting into the most highly ranked, prestigious MBA and undergrad programs.

Give our Admissions services eDIT and Ad_Council a try! Coveted schools our clients have been accepted to include:

Executive Leadership

Complementing our services are our comprehensive “Leadership Modules” which is customized for you to achieve break-through results. As your career advances, these 21st century core leadership skills become more important.

Prestigious companies that our clients have advanced their careers in include:
Goldman Sachs
Bank of America
and others.