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WASHINGTON, DC – January 30, 2010 – Despite a relentless snow storm, over 200 participants gathered in Washington DC to hear expert perspectives at the “Health Care Reform: Cure For An Ailing System? ” forum.  On the heels of a stunning result in the U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts and a seemingly revised Obama legislative agenda, many in the audience, wondered if the health care reform machinations and debates of the past year in the nearby Capitol building were for naught.  For a significant segment of the audience, the more important issue was identifying and being prepared for career opportunities possibly arising post-Reform.      


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A panel of experts from business to policy, moderated by Chief Advocacy Officer for the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), Dr. Atul Grover posited on the two existing senate and house bills.  The panel represented a diversity of perspectives and noted that both bills’ shortcomings and possible unintended consequences to physicians, hospital management and the patient community.  One such consequence of a renewed focus on efficiency and hospitals meeting the “medical necessity” for reimbursements of Medicaid/Medicare procedures is an increase in the number of Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) and RAC firms.  Panelists also alluded to both bills’ focus on bending the cost curve through mitigating “incorrect billing”.   As an antecedent to these wholesale corrective measures, lies another opportunity: the need for more MBA management in hospitals to oversee the digitization, staff restructuring and re-coding of many health care facilities’ operations.  


“Crimson Oak’s Executive Leadership Forums are distinguished by exploring industries currently in transition and enabling our clients to gain strategic focus.  This forum was timely and leveraged the wealth of expert perspectives in the Cornell community – for instance the prominent Johnson School of Management and the renowned Cornell Weill Medical School – to create a remarkable event,” noted Kevin Omar Williams, CEO of Crimson Oak and Cornell alum.   Crimson Oak Academy is proud to co-sponsor the Forum with Cornell Mosaic.”


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