Crimson Oak Builds its “Giving Back Program” with Support of REACH

NEW YORK, NY– March 29, 2010 –  At 7 am on a Saturday morning hundreds of high school children, from the most disadvantaged high schools in New York City, are packed in a City University of New York - Baruch auditorium.  They eagerly await AP test preparation.   They are part of the REACH – an innovative charity utilizing a “pay-for-performance” model to motivate students to enter top colleges. 

 Spurred by a shared commitment to education, Crimson Oak has pledged to increase its support of REACH from ad hoc team members’ volunteering to multi-year organizational support through its “Giving Back Program”.   

REACH Admissions


Crimson Oak’s Giving Back Program is a reflection of its community’s values – commitment, leadership and empathy.  The Program carefully selects programs or scholarships globally that promote leadership through education.  In making this 3-year commitment to support REACH, Crimson Oak weighed its scope, innovation and commitment.  REACH currently impacts over 46,000 high school students and plans to expand to Washington D.C. and Newark, New Jersey.  The innovation lies in pairing committed non-profit professionals and motivated students with a model borrowed from the private sector – “pay-for-performance” model.


“The Giving Back Program is a testament to our un-common faith in the potential of young people given educational opportunity.  Our community – clients, instructors, team and stakeholders - support these values with their patronage and support.” stated CEO of Crimson Oak Academy, Kevin Omar Williams.   


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About Crimson Oak Academy
Crimson Oak Academy LLC (“Crimson Oak”) is the most trusted and elite MBA Admissions & International Leadership Development provider in North America. With planned operations in Montego Bay, Toronto, and later Asia, Crimson Oak saves and cultivates leadership globally.  Crimson Oak offers a continuum of services for its Scholars’ leadership development including:

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