Saving Leadership - Potential Beyond Haitis Horizon

MIAMI, FL – May 15, 2010 – How does a young education company best help in the aftermath of one the most devastating tragedies in the Americas? Months after the Haitian earthquake, Crimson Oak team members still asked themselves this very question.  Eventually the answer came in the form of a partnership with the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce to develop the leadership ability of the young professionals within the Haitian Diaspora. 



MBA Admissions Consulting Haiti


The Young Leaders Program will consist of $25,000 in-kind services and development of unique educational programs that shed light on how business can be used to rebuild the community in Haiti.  To be eligible, young professional members of the HACC will have to demonstrate a clear commitment to how they expect their future career will help the rebuilding of Haiti.   The HACC and its affiliates have over 100 members. 


“Crimson Oak has shown tremendous leadership.  The HACC is quite appreciative of this gesture especially from a young company.  This continued commitment from Crimson Oak will make the U.S. Haitian Diaspora to be more effective in helping Haiti rebuild.” –  Francois Guillaume, Executive Director of HACC.


Crimson Oak’s Giving Back Program is a reflection of its community’s values – commitment, leadership and empathy.  The Program resonates with the Academy’s mission: to save and cultivate leadership globally.   “Long after the dust settles, the Haitian Diaspora - specifically its business community- will have to be prepared to lead Haiti’s human capital reconstruction.  Crimson Oak is proud to play a small, constructive role in aiding the Haitian Diaspora lead in its country’s revitalization.” stated CEO Kevin Omar Williams.


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