Crimson Oak Shares Admissions Insight with REACH Kids

NEW YORK, NY – November 18, 2010 – “Do colleges really need 30,000 applications to find 1,500 great students?”  That was the rhetorical question boldly posed by The New York Times earlier this month.  With the college admissions season heating up, applicants are fiercely combating for limited select seats.  For high schools in New York City’s poorest neighborhoods, students not only have to fight lack of resources and stagnant 50% drop out rates, but also pervasive low expectations.   As part of its Giving Back efforts, Crimson Oak was proud to participate in a college admissions panel organized by REACH – an innovative non-profit that rewards students with cash for top performance on AP exams. 


About 70 eager high school students - members of the REACH Forward program - huddled in a Wall Street venue to listen to the college experience panel.  REACH Forward is the non-profit’s flagship program that encourages high students to apply to top, ivy league colleges such as Yale, Harvard and Princeton.  Along with Crimson Oak, Goldman Sachs, CBS 60 Minutes and Kellogg Endowment Fund were represented by professionals on the college alumni panel.


“The kids were ecstatic to have such impressive panelists take time out of their busy schedules to share insights and perspectives on Ivy schools. It motivated many of our top kids - with multiple 4s and 5s on APs - to apply, and I am forever indebted to the incredible panelists for their ability to take the impossible and make it clearly within reach!” stated Tami Kesselman, Executive Director of REACH.


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