Happy Writings: Crimson Oak Releases MBA Admissions Strategy Report

An all too audible sigh, the frustrated clatter of rapid-fire keystrokes and “clippety-clop” of anxious pacing.  The sounds of the season – the MBA application season!  For the neighbors of many of these young professionals applying to graduate school, these sounds have become familiar.  MBA aspirants’ anxiety is not un-warranted.  

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The competition for top MBA programs has only intensified since last year.  In the spirit of the holiday season, Crimson Oak has created a simple, yet effective, guide to help our MBA prospects - and their neighbors. The "Structured Report” is a complimentary annual admissions guide that helps strengthen the essays of applicants.



Wading through the potpourri of admissions advisors and aggregators, the Crimson Oak team was overwhelmed by the volume and concerned with the wide range in quality of available information.  From various MBA blogs and forums to paid reports/guides, the time lost by young professionals scouring for useful advice is considerable.  The Winter edition of the “Structured Report” focuses on utilizing a few frameworks for more compelling structured essays.  The report is available for complimentary download, without any pre-requisite sign-up, here http://www.scribd.com/CrimsonOak


 “We are always very conscious of our time-constrained clients’ most precious asset – their time.  If a Crimson Oak product or offering is not additive – that is, if it does not truly add value - then we would rather not contribute to the deluge of mediocre information available.  The “Structured Report” passes our litmus test.  We hope that young professionals will find it useful and share their thoughts with us through Facebook.com/CrimsonOak.” stated Kevin Omar Williams, CEO of Crimson Oak.



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