Crimson Oak's industry seminars are held less than a handful of times each year in major cities throughout the United States. The seminars are uncommon in both occurrence and structure. We systematically research and dissect industries in search of opportunities to help you... GET PREPARED TO GET IN your coveted MBA program or advance your business career in a competitive sector.  The four sectors we focus on are:


  • Alternative Investments
  • Health Care
  • Investment Banking
  • International Trade

Our seminars are thoughtful and pragmatic as they bridge the perennial gap between academia and industry to encapsulate the current opportunity in growth sectors. Additionally, the seminars are an excellent way to be introduced to the Crimson Oak family! Please learn more about our next seminar below. Alternatively, you can go directly to our ENROLL NOW section of the website to register for the next event. Space is limited.  Enroll Today!

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How to Succeed in Tomorrow's Industries

Alternative Investments | Health Care | International Trade | Investment Banking

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Microsoft New England Research & Development Center
One Memorial Drive, Suite 100
Cambridge, MA 02142

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6:00 pm - 9:00 pm | June 14, 2011 | Cambridge, MA 


The historic Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 steered more than $19 billion designated by the U.S. federal government to help catalyze the adoption of technology within the $2.6 trillion U.S. health care industry.

Disruptive technological enablers are challenging the status quo of the industry. Private equity and venture capital funds are amassing pools of capital to fund innovators. HCA‘s remarkable $2 billion dividend recapitalization in November 2010 is reflective of the capital markets’ continued favorable view of the industry.

Themes or questions explored include:

  • Which firm or fund is best positioned through M&A or organic growth to exploit this opportunity?
  • How do I position myself  as an attractive candidate for companies within the health care technology space?
  • Which MBA programs offer the most relevant curriculum and career support my success in the health care management industry?
  • How do I navigate my long term career path in the vast health care industry?
  • Which technology holds the best promise of delivering better patient care and prosperous  new business models? 

 >> Be Informed

The healthcare industry is estimated to add 3.2million jobs by 2018, the most of any industry in the U.S. Last year, Harvard graduated its first MD-MBA joint degree class.

>> Make Smarter Decisions Today About Your Future

The convergence of business, technology and healthcare is accelerating. Mega-trends such as an aging American population, rising health care costs and advances in technology (e.g. the ubiquity of smart phones) provide rich opportunities for IT firms, healthcare investors and medical providers. 


Wine and Hors d'oeuvres will be served.


*Please note that panelists are subject to change.


ECM Seminar (Dig Deeper to Create Your Path to Success)


Leave the Herd. Discover Your Own Career Path.

Our "Early Career Management" (ECM) seminars explore atypical routes and techniques that could be used by participants immediately and in the medium term for career advancement. ECM helps you to navigate opportunities within an existing Department, Company or Organization as well as within the larger industry.

For instance within the Financial Services Industry, typical questions answered may include:
  • What specific Desk in the Sales & Trading department has the most opportunity?
  • How will I be evaluated by the Alternative Investments industry recruiters?
  • When should I transition from U.S.-based Investment Banking position to an International position within the same company?
  • Is now a good time to pursue my MBA full-time?

ECM emphasizes contextual awareness. Areas explored include:
  • Recognition of the current time period from a business history and personal career perspective and possible outcomes;
  • Review of your “personal balance sheet” to assess personal assets/identify potential liabilities and;
  • Distilling elements of your career to coherent themes.

ECM also explores alternative recruiting tactics such as guerrilla networking. Furthermore, the Seminar stresses the importance of laying the groundwork for successful pursuit of graduate school or corporate leadership ranks through early career positioning. Each Crimson Oak instructor is carefully selected and the content is tailored for maximum effect.

All ECM seminars are customized and are private events held at the request of an academic institution or corporate entity. ECM combines elements of Crimson Oak's strategic, career oriented Executive Leadership Forums (EXCEL Forums) division with the customization of the Suite of Support division.

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