Opportunities abound! Invariably, throughout your professional life there will be series of moments when your action or your inaction will influence the arc of your career trajectory. However, some lack the insight to see it (opportunity), the motivation to prepare for it or the resources to capture it. With Crimson Oak as your trusted partner, you will be ready.

Thank you for making the pro-active decision of accelerating your career and developing a deeper knowledge base within your particular industry. Our Virtual Products (Apps and eCourses) enable you to seize your opportunities.

Online Training (OT) Courses & Apps
Crimson Oak Academy has partnered with eCornell to offer exclusive Online Training (OT) Courses and has a network of developers to deliver, innovative and helpful mobile applications (“Apps”).

Through our strategic relationship with eCornell, you will have access to a suite of eCornell courses at discounted prices. Our customized online courses are created by a talented pool of Ivy League-trained professors. Furthermore, our courses & apps utilize the latest multi-media tools for a holistic learning model.

Online Courses

We selected our strategic partner eCornell to ensure that our Scholars receive the best in online training and courses. With Ivy League credentials and extensive resources, we believe that eCornell exceeds our discerning criteria. Through our partnership, OT Courses will offer a proven delivery model and incorporate the best aspects of online learning, including:

Engaging and rigorous course design that centers on authentic business scenarios and providing the resources and tools Scholars need to resolve the issues they pose
Targeted learning experiences that focus individual competencies and skills
New skill development through interactive assessments and simulations

Mobile Apps

Crimson Oak Mobile Applications (“Apps”) assist even the busiest professional to fulfill his or her highest leadership potential. Our Apps are adaptive, continuously refined and fun. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to give it a try! Features include:

Clean and Easy to Use - our Apps interfaces are sleek, with vivid icons making their use intuitive
Quick Knowledge Absorption - Crimson Oak Apps are designed to provide you with a holistic understanding of the GMAT and other subject matters
Natural Collaboration - Our Apps allow you to connect easily to the Crimson Oak community via Facebook. Users are encouraged to discuss insights gained, suggest additional App features