Investment Banking - Pathway
Investment Banking - Pathway

Interested in investment banking? In the middle of Wall Street’s restructuring, some specific groups are growing. How do you position yourself to be part of the growth areas of tomorrow’s Wall Street? Be one of the select few to engage in Crimson Oak Academy’s Investment Banking Pathway Module. Designed by Ivy League certified executive coaches, with contributions by Industry Practitioners, this unique program helps you customize your path transition to these industries.

This intensive, personalized multi-week program is comprised of three distinct phases for your learning and transformation include:

  • CONSULT: The executive coaching process begins with the initial hour and a half consultation. Gain insight into possible career directions within Investment Banking. Preliminary assessment of your capabilities.

  • CUSTOMIZE: You will engage in series of Assessments to uncover your individual values, personality preferences and decision-making patterns and gain a deeper insight into which path would be best for you to succeed in Investment Banking ( public finance, specialty finance, M&A etc.) Customized Action Plan developed.

  • CONQUER: The last phase of the Pathway Module is the implementation. During this phase you will focus on obtaining your goals. Expand your professional network. Build a focused job search strategy. Get equipped with tools to set you on the path to achieve success in Investment Banking.