AYR Seminar (How to Succeed in Tomorrow's Industries)
AYR Seminar (How to Succeed in Tomorrow's Industries)

Our "Are You Ready?" (AYR) seminars expand your vision and equip you with the knowledge to choose your professional pathway confidently. AYR provides you with discrete information to help you make better decisions today! Not only does AYR give you insight for the more immediate 3-month time-frame, but it also provides a longer term 3+ year perspective. In so doing, you can make more informed decisions now to better achieve your future goals. AYR seminars not only help you to find your pathway to tomorrow's industries, but also gives you the first steps to become part of the staff of today's innovative companiesExclusive access to be included in the Crimson Oak AYR Resume Books closely reviewed by talent acquisition teams.  Join us for insights on how the Health Care Technology sector plans to innovate through investing in technology-enablers.

Top Tier MBA Programs discuss how they are preparing for the growing sectors of tomorrow's health care industry.
Large Private Equity Health Care-focused Fund, Fortune 1000 Health Care Company  and Medical Innovator discuss the new wave of talent they will be recruiting for years to come.
Crimson Oak Lead Advisors sharpen your insight, polish your candidacy for companies and schools. Crimson Oak will equip you with the resources to take advantage of these opportunities.

• Fellow scholars and professionals share strategies and concerns as they prepare for future success.

This distinctive event rarely occurs: less than a handful of times each academic year. AYR combines Crimson Oak’s MBA admissions Enhanced, pre-MBA program (E+MBA Workshops) division with the specific, Growth Industry-themed, Executive Leadership division.