21st Century Agile Leadership Modules
21st Century Agile Leadership Modules

Our "Early Career Management" (ECM) seminars explore atypical routes and techniques that could be used by participants immediately and in the medium term for career advancement.

ECM emphasizes contextual awareness. Areas explored include:

Recognition of the current time period from a business history and personal career perspective and possible outcomes;
Review of your "personal balance sheet" review to assess personal assets/identify potential liabilities and;

Distilling various pieces of your career information into action.

ECM also explores alternative recruiting tactics such as guerrilla networking. Furthermore, the Seminar stresses the importance of laying the groundwork for successful pursuit of graduate school or corporate leadership ranks through early career positioning. Each Crimson Oak instructor is carefully selected and the content is tailored for maximum effect.

All ECM seminars are customized and are private events held at the request of an academic institution or corporate entity. ECM combines elements of Crimson Oak’s strategic, career oriented Executive Leadership Forums (EXCEL Forums) division with the customization of the Suite of Support division.

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